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Joseph Dougherty’s plays have been produced at Manhattan Theatre Club and Lincoln Center Theater.  His Emmy winning work in television includes the groundbreaking series thirtysomething and the HBO movies Cast A Deadly Spell and Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman.  He has contributed to several popular television series including Judging Amy, Once and Again, Saving Grace, and the current hit, Pretty Little Liars.  He is one of the founding editors of the online literary magazine Hot Valley Writers. His books, Psychopomp, Comfort and Joi and Trunk Piece, are available at Amazon.com.  Mr. Dougherty is the creator of Handwritten Theatre, a series of dramatic pieces available for download.


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An internet site concerned with the works of one Mr. J.G. Dougherty, a writer of no small accomplishment

Pretty Little Liars
The Hit Series on ABC FamilyPretty_Little_Liars.html
One of the shows that changed televisionthirtysomething.html
It’s time for a new mythologyPsychopomp.html
Comfort and Joi
Spend the weekend with a real Hollywood starletComfort_and_Joi.html
Handwritten Theatre
Downloadable Drama Handwritten_Theatre.html
Hot Valley Writers
The online literary magazine edited by two writers who live in the Valley, where sometimes it gets uncomfortably hothttp://www.hotvalleywriters.com/Hot_Valley_Writers/Hot_Valley_Contents.html
Trunk Piece
Being a writer in Hollywood can be murderTrunk_Piece.html

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*Why would a writer call his company Jarndyce and Jarndyce?http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jarndyce
Cast a Deadly Spell
Los Angeles, 1948
Everybody used magic.

One of “The Best Movies You’ve Never Seen.”Cast_a_Deadly_Spell.html
So, you want to be a writer?  Okay, let’s start with the basics.WritingMain.html
More Mischief.  More Mystery.  More Running in High Heels.

Pretty Little Liars

Returns Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

8:00 P.M. Eastern/Pacific • ABCFamily

Emily and Paige Confidential:
Some thoughts about writing two girls in love.EmPaige.html
And the inevitable mall for all your Jarndyce & Jarndyce needshttp://astore.amazon.com/jarndyce-20%0A
Shadow Play
The Film Noir Episode
• The Kiss: The Director’s CutBehind_the_Kiss.html
• The “lost” Trailer artShadow_Trailer.html
• Selected ImagesShadowPhotos.html
• References and InspirationShadowReference.html
• “The face in the misty light.”ShadowLaura.html
Eve of Destruction
BTS photos and video of the great Episode #100 detonation!BTS100.html